iStock_000030043598_FullWhether you are building a new home, purchasing a parcel of raw land or subdividing property where sanitary sewer is not available a soil evaluation by a licensed professional onsite soil evaluator will determine suitability of soil conditions for septic systems. A soil evaluation, often called a “perc test” short for percolation, is perform by boring or digging test holes in the ground to classify soil color, texture and other factors which guide the soil evaluator in decisions regarding design depth and size of the septic system. From standard septic system design to alternative engineered solutions the team of professionals at Accupoint Surveying & Design is ready to consult on your project today.

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Soil Evaluation or “Perc Test”
Dig test holes to determine suitability of soils for septic systems and provide a letter of the findings.

Construction Permit for Septic and Well
Perform soil evaluation in conjunction with all paperwork and mapping required by the health department in order to obtain a permit for installing a septic system and well.

Certification Letter
Perform soil evaluation in conjunction with all paperwork and mapping required by the health department to obtain a letter from the health department certifying the subject property has a site suitable for future installation of a septic system. A certification letter in good indefinitely and can be converted into a construction permit at any point in the future.

Alternative Engineered Septic System Design
In the event that the soil evaluation bears out that the soils will not support a standard septic system there are still a number of other options available. Alternative engineered septic system designs can overcome even the poorest of soil conditions in most cases and allow for development of property that was once thought to be undevelopable.

Pump Design
In some cases the septic system must be placed at a higher elevation that the house which will require that a pump system be designed and installed as part of the septic system. Design computations as well as pump and system specifications will accompany the normal paperwork and mapping for the septic system.

Subdivision Review
Provide soil evaluations on individual lots of a proposed subdivision for submittal to the health department for subdivision approval.